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Matt Bender

1st VP / Ways & Means, Advanced Technology and Government Affairs

Jerry Gabig

2nd VP, Gov Affairs Chair,

Advanced Technology

Brent Wren

Secretary/ PR, Membership, IT/  Help Desk

Todd McAdams

Treasurer, Finance Chair, Ways and Means

Mark McAnally

Advanced Technology, Special Activities

Gerald King

Awards & Scholarships Chair, Calendar

Kevin Nash

Calendar Chair, Governmental Affairs, Programs


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Heather Fisher

Membership, Special Activities & Public Relations

Clay Coleman

Programs Chair, Public Relations

Tracy Nagel

Special Activities, IT/ Help Desk

Jeff Mockenstrum

Ways & Means Chair, 

Programs, Finance

Sandy Allbee

PR Chair, Membership & Programs 

Membership Chair & Public Relations

Chris Jackson

Finance, Ways & Means

Gayla Suddarth

Awards/Scholarships & Advanced Technology

Kevin Sanchez

Governmental Affairs & Public Relations

Steve Willhelm

Awards & Scholarships, Government Affairs

Benjamin Clark

Advanced Technology, Government Affairs

Kevin Long

Advanced Technology, Programs, and Membership

Ways & Means and Finance

Steve Cook 

IT/Help Desk, Calendar & Special Activities

Tamela Gibbs

Membership, Advance Technology and Government Affairs

Lexi Brand

Executive Assistant

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