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12/11/2019 AUSA Redstone - Huntsville National Guard Birthday
12/10/2019 Government Contracting 101 Workshop
12/10/2019 HASBAT / HSV SOF Academic Showcase
12/05/2019 HASBAT Membership Cyber Training and Luncheon
11/20/2019 Joseph P. Cribbins Aviation Product Sustainment Symposium
11/18/2019 Aircraft Survivability Equipment Symposium
11/13/2019 AUSA Community Partner Leadership Breakfast
11/12/2019 47th Annual Symposium on Government Acquisition
11/09/2019 US Marine Corps 244th Birthday Ball
11/08/2019 HAMA Luncheon
11/07/2019 HASBAT Membership Luncheon
11/07/2019 ChallengeHER Opportunities for Women in Federal Contracting
11/06/2019 ACC-Redstone Industry Communication Event (ICE) for Enterprise Service Solution (ESS) Directorate
11/05/2019 NAITA Complying with US Export Controls and ITAR Seminar
10/30/2019 WID-TVC Annual Meeting and Scholarships Awards
10/30/2019 NASA Business Procurement Forum
10/24/2019 Small Business Forum and Industry Day
10/24/2019 2019 AlaSim Conference
10/24/2019 UAH 11th Annual Small Business Matchmaker
10/24/2019 2019 AlaSim Conference and Exposition
10/18/2019 NASA Space Apps Hackathon
10/17/2019 Huntsville Acquisition Leadership Summit
10/14/2019 2019 AUSA Annual Meeting
10/11/2019 HAMA Luncheon
10/09/2019 GeoHuntsville Southeast Regional UAS Rodeo
10/04/2019 13th Annual Air Defense Artillery Association (ADAA) Organizational Challenge Golf Tournament
10/03/2019 HASBAT Membership Breakfast
10/02/2019 Cyber Huntsville Fall Luncheon
09/26/2019 Redstone Test Center Change of Command Ceremony
09/25/2019 NAITA FMS Industry Day
09/19/2019 28th MSFC SB Alliance Meeting (MSBA)
09/18/2019 HUBZone Innovation & Technology Showcase 2019
09/13/2019 HAMA Luncheon
09/12/2019 31st Annual Dr. Wernher von Braun Memorial Dinner
09/12/2019 HASBAT Membership Luncheon
09/12/2019 HASBAT Quarterly Training Session - Facility Tour of NTS Huntsville
09/10/2019 UAH College of Business Space Commerce Workshop
09/05/2019 PM Utility Helicopter Change of Charter
09/05/2019 NAITA Conversation on Trade with Senator Doug Jones
08/21/2019 Washington Update with Senator Doug Jones
08/20/2019 Luther G. Jones Army Aviation Depot Forum
08/15/2019 Huntsville Air Defense Artillery Assocation (ADAA) Annual Members Social
08/14/2019 30th Annual AUVSI Pathfinder Symposium
08/13/2019 2019 Huntsville / Madison County Small Business Awards Celebration
08/13/2019 Public Safety UAS Summit
08/09/2019 HAMA Luncheon
08/06/2019 Space & Missile Defense Symposium
08/01/2019 HASBAT Membership Luncheon
07/31/2019 PM FVL, Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) Industry Day
07/30/2019 Space Commerce Business Growth Workshop
07/25/2019 NDIA SMDWG, Guest Speaker, Chris Vrenna
07/17/2019 Team Redstone Center of Excellence Advance Planning Briefings to Industry (CE-APBI)
07/12/2019 PM Future Vertical Lift Change of Charter for PM Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) and PM Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA)
07/12/2019 HAMA Luncheon
07/11/2019 HASBAT Membership Breakfast
06/26/2019 Armed Forces Celebration Luncheon
06/25/2019 NDIA-TVC 2019 Missile Defense Agency Small Business Programs Conference
06/21/2019 HAMA Luncheon
06/14/2019 AUSA Army Birthday Celebration Dinner
06/13/2019 Intellectual Property Rights Seminar
06/12/2019 CCDC AvMC S3I Acquisition Strategy & Software Life Cycle Development Industry Day
06/12/2019 Rocket City AFCEA Luncheon, Guest Speaker: Mr. Tom Plunkett, Oracle
06/12/2019 ADAA Luncheon, Guest Speaker: LTG Neil Thurgood
06/12/2019 Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office Industry Open House
06/06/2019 HASBAT Membership Luncheon, Guest Speaker: Mr. Patrick Mason, Deputy PEO Aviation
06/04/2019 National Cyber Summit
05/30/2019 Doing Business with NASA, Catalyst Event
05/30/2019 U.S Army Technical Exchange Forum: ITN & Air to Ground Network Integration
05/29/2019 AUSA Hot Topic: Army Sustainment
05/22/2019 C-Suite Speaker Series, Guest Speaker: Joni Green, Five Stones Research
05/21/2019 National Space Club Breakfast, Guest Speaker: Dr. Juanita Christensen
05/16/2019 SMDWG, Guest Speaker, LTG Neil Thurgood
05/15/2019 Preparing for the Future, 5th Annual WOSB Event, Catalyst Sponsored Event
05/15/2019 UAH SBDC Drive 8(a) Summit
05/15/2019 AUSA Community Partner Leadership Breakfast, Guest Speaker: Mr. Robert Hamilton, Sr. Executive, FBI Redstone
05/14/2019 NAITA Cyber Trade Compliance Seminar: Safeguarding Data in a High-Threat, High-Risk World
05/10/2019 HAMA Luncheon, Guest Speaker: Mr. Patrick Mason, Deputy PEO Aviation
05/07/2019 GSA OASIS 8(a) On-Ramp Virtual Industry Day
05/05/2019 Huntsville /Madison County 2019 Annual Washington DC Trip
05/02/2019 HASBAT Membership Luncheon, Keynote Speaker: Mr. Eric Lampkin, AMCOM Ombudsman
04/26/2019 2019 NDIA-TVC Membership & Awards Dinner
04/23/2019 MDA Laser Scaling Industry Day
04/22/2019 C-Suite Speaker Series, Guest Speaker: Bill Roark
04/22/2019 Cancelled: SMDWG, Guest Speaker, MG(P) Neil Thurgood
04/18/2019 36th Annual World Trade Date Luncheon: Trade Policy Update from the USTR
04/15/2019 5th Annual Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Event: Preparing for the Future
04/14/2019 AAAA 2019 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit
04/12/2019 HAMA Luncheon
04/12/2019 CyberReach at IEEE SouthEastCon 2019: Cyber Skills Development
04/11/2019 MSFC Small Business Alliance Meeting
04/11/2019 IEEE SoutheastCon 2019
04/04/2019 NAITA Trade Compliance Roundtable: Export Controls for Security Professionals
04/04/2019 HASBAT Membership Breakfast, Guest Speaker: Mr. Mark Clark, Director DIA MSIC
03/27/2019 AUSA 2019 Rocket City Bash
03/26/2019 AUSA Global Force Symposium & Exposition
03/25/2019 SMDWG, Guest Speaker, Tom Karako, to brief the 2019 Missile Defense Review
03/20/2019 Business Opportunities with the Department of the Navy
03/13/2019 AMTC Collaboration Event
03/12/2019 AUSA Hot Topic: Army Air and Missile Defense
03/08/2019 HAMA Luncheon
03/07/2019 NCMA sponsored FBI Huntsville Expansion & How to do Business with the FBI
03/07/2019 HASBAT Cyber Intelligence Training Session and Membership Luncheon
03/06/2019 ACC-Redstone Industry Communication Event (ICE) for Enterprise Service Solution (ESS) Directorate
03/05/2019 Huntsville GovCon Growth Summit
03/04/2019 Washington Update featuring Congressman Brooks
02/27/2019 UAH SBDC/PTAC Sponsored HR Compliance for Government Contractors Lecture
02/25/2019 Energy Huntsville 2019 Energy Summit
02/21/2019 ASMDA Annual Luncheon
02/19/2019 National Space Club Breakfast
02/08/2019 HAMA Luncheon
02/07/2019 HASBAT Membership Luncheon
02/06/2019 Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce 83rd Annual Membership Meeting
02/04/2019 2019 Washington Update with Senator Richard Shelby
01/22/2019 Innovate Huntsville Luncheon
01/17/2019 NDIA SMDWG
01/16/2019 PTAC Business Development for Small Business Government Contractors
01/15/2019 National Space Club Breakfast
01/11/2019 HAMA Luncheon
01/10/2019 HASBAT Membership Meeting & Breakfast
12/20/2018 SMDWG December Meeting
12/20/2018 Cybersecurity Workshop Training
12/18/2018 ACC-Redstone Industry Communications Event (ICE)
12/13/2018 AUSA Redstone-Huntsville Chapter 2018 Holiday Reception
12/13/2018 HAMA Luncheon
12/12/2018 MDA TEAMS "Next" Industry Day
12/10/2018 National Space Club Breakfast
12/06/2018 AAAA Tennessee Valley Chapter Annual Christmas Party
12/06/2018 MSIC Offensive Missile System Analysis & Support Services Industry Day
12/06/2018 HASBAT Membership Luncheon & Training Session
12/04/2018 Huntsville State of the City Address featuring Mayor Tommy Battle
12/03/2018 Navy SBIR/STTR Topics Workshop
12/03/2018 AMRDEC Aviation and Missile Technology Consortium (AMTC) Collaboration Event
11/30/2018 Doing Business with the MDA Primes, by Catalyst
11/29/2018 Huntsville Aerospace Marketing Association (HAMA) Annual Gathering
11/29/2018 Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce 2018 Redstone Update
11/26/2018 AUSA Redstone-Huntsville Chapter Young Professionals Happy Hour
11/15/2018 FBI Industry Day
11/15/2018 AAAA Aircraft Survivability Equipment Symposium
11/13/2018 National Space Club Breakfast
11/13/2018 AAAA Aircraft Survivability Equipment Symposium (Classified Sessions)
11/13/2018 46th Annual Joseph P. Cribbins Aviation Product Sustainment Symposium
11/08/2018 HASBAT Luncheon, Guest Speaker: Dr. Steven Pierce, Chief Technology Officer, SMDC/ARSTRAT
11/08/2018 NDIA SMD Working Group, Guest Speaker: Mr. David Jimenez, Director Army T&E
11/01/2018 35th Anniversary World Trade Day
11/01/2018 2018 Huntsville / Madison County Veterans Week
11/01/2018 NAITA Global Supply Chain & Logistics Summit
10/29/2018 Doing Business with MDA Primes, By Catalyst
10/26/2018 DIA MSIC Defensive Systems Analysis Support Industry Day
10/25/2018 30th Annual Dr. Wernher von Braun Memorial Dinner
10/25/2018 WID-TVC Annual Meeting and Scholarship Awards Ceremony
10/25/2018 Alabama SBDC & PTAC of UAH 10th Annual Small Business MatchMaker
10/23/2018 SAME Huntsville Post Industry Day
10/23/2018 Government Contracting Track at this year’s BIG Marketing Event
10/23/2018 USACE Huntsville Engineering and Support Center (HNC) Annual Small Business Forum
10/23/2018 The 11th Annual Wernher von Braun Memorial Symposium
10/18/2018 Quad-A TVC Annual Membership Luncheon
10/18/2018 NDIA SMDWG
10/12/2018 HAMA Luncheon
10/08/2018 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition
10/05/2018 Y-12 National Security Complex’s Nuclear Security Program & Tour
10/04/2018 Cyber Huntsville Fall Breakfast
10/04/2018 HASBAT Breakfast
09/27/2018 NDIA SMDWG
09/25/2018 Huntsville SOF Network Event
09/25/2018 Rocket City AFCEA Luncheon - Tom Culpepper and Sean Markert - "Blockchain Explained"
09/25/2018 How to Obtain & Maintain Clearances, By Catalyst
09/25/2018 AUSA Redstone - Huntsville's Breakfast with the Boss
08/09/2018 August 2018 Membership Meeting
07/12/2018 July 2018 Membership Meeting

Unless noted otherwise, all HASBAT events are held at The Jackson Center, 6001 Moquin Drive, Huntsville, AL 35806.

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