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HASBAT, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 1993 by four local small business owners in technology companies to represent and promote the views and interests of small businesses in advanced technology and to support the development of opportunities within the federal, state, and/or local governments.

As a nonprofit, HASBAT works to ensure high technology small business in the Huntsville area are being recognized and promoted effectively. Since 1993, HASBAT has continued to serve as a beacon for small business growth in the Huntsville area.

Over the years, HASBAT has helped lay the groundwork for small businesses to grow by helping them identify business opportunities, develop business-to-business relationships, and navigate the Huntsville defense market. They have also supported the launch of numerous initiatives to help fulfill the mission as a Small Business Advocate; a few recognizable endeavors include the Space and Missile Defense Symposium and the HASBAT Small Business Advocate for Excellence Award presented at the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards.

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