Small Business Information Series (SBIS)
How to Grow Your Company and Become a More Competitive Contractor (Prime or Sub)

HASBAT’s Small Business Information Series is a special benefit available to HASBAT members. A SBIS session consists of a series of briefings or workshops designed to help our members be more successful in obtaining and performing federal government contracts. The emphasis is on helping HASBAT Technical Member firms grow their business. SBIS topics are chosen to help position your company to be a more competitive contractor, whether your goal is to be a prime or a sub.

A SBIS session is open to any employee of each of HASBAT’s technical member companies. Our goal is to provide most SBIS sessions free of charge, thanks to sponsorship from our presenters, although there may be times when a small fee is unavoidable.

Basic to Advanced Information

Most SBIS sessions will present information in the form of several different workshops or briefing sessions, scheduled over the course of one day or during the week. Workshops will build on each other, increasing in the order of difficulty as the session progresses. Attend any or all sessions: it’s completely up to you.