Terry Griffin

By | January 22, 2016

Mr. Terry Griffin is the Principal and Founder of Robotics and Unmanned Systems,  LLC in Madison, Alabama.  An independent consultant, Terry retired in 2007 after  30  years  of  active  service  in  the  Marine  Corps.  A  helicopter  pilot,  squadron  commander  and  air  group  commander,  he  also  served  in  high­level  staff  assignments  in  Washington,  D.C.  and  was  a  Top  Level  School  Fellow  with  the  Department of State.  During his last 5 years of active duty, Terry was the Project Manager for the ArmyMarine Robotic Systems Joint Project Office. A Senior VP in a woman owned small business from 2008 to 2010, Terry became the first Executive Director of the Alabama Robotics Technology Park from 2010 to 2013. Terry currently serves as the Project Manager for the Technology Regional Innovation Cluster, Huntsville (TechRich), one of 14 Regional Innovation Clusters currently funded by the Small Business Administration.